We have happy days, remember good dinners. ~ Charles Darwin

IKYU was born of the passion to share fine food within the embrace of friendship and good cheer. One year into our venture and we’re pleased to report that our dream has materialized spectacularly.

The people behind IKYU are a close-knit family of equals; of colleagues united and energized by a singular vision, and of professionals committed to perfection in their individual crafts.

Together we have made IKYU the byword for the most amazing and exceptional gastronomy and bonhomie this side of Singapore.


JQ the Magician

JQ is a rising star of Singapore interior design recognized for his striking, out-of-the-box ideas. He believes that a space must resonate with and reflect the inner aspirations of the people who inhabit it. IKYU is no exception. Challenging the convention that a cuisine should be served in its ethnically complementary interior, JQ has conjured up the ambience of an industrial mill for IKYU, to startling effect. It has made the restaurant a design showpiece.

At IKYU, color and layout, line and form, texture and lighting, have all been orchestrated to create an urban theater for the cuisine and the easy-going camaraderie of the IKYU team. The result is a stunning and hip environment that is at once energetic yet wonderfully sheltering.